Let’s Get Baking!

Thanks for joining me!

Food tastes better when you eat it with your family.

Welcome to my website! I am dedicating this site to new recipes I have created that just need to be shared. I love to experiment in the kitchen; sometimes it turns out great and other times, well, yikes! However, I am only going to publish the ones that have my family’s seal of approval. They have ‘volunteered’ their services to try each and every one of my recipes so hopefully, you’ll find something new to try.

9 thoughts on “Let’s Get Baking!

  1. I thought for sure you had won some awards for your blog… had I known I would have nominated you… I should’ve checked. I’m truly sorry. Anything else I might get I’m nominating you for!

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    1. No, I’ve never won any awards for blogging. It makes me happy that you would consider me and my humble blog. I usually compete in recipe contests and Instructables contests and win (sometimes) in those arenas.
      Thank you for thinking of my efforts.❤️

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      1. Please don’t feel bad at all. I’m thankful you read my posts and give such pleasant comments. I’m fairly new at blogging and started it to work through grief. I needed a a distraction and blogging has certainly helped. An award would be icing on the cake but it was never my goal.

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