Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey fellow foodies! I have been blessed to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by LaRena of LaRena’s Corner. She has amazing recipes on her website and the pictures are lovely to look at. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her site, check it out here. The Sunshine Blogger Award is peer recognition for bloggers that inspire positivity and joy who are creative, positive and inspiring. I am very touched and appreciative that she considered my blog for this lovely consideration.

Questions I was Asked:

    What is your favorite book and why? The Sword in the Stone by T.H. White because I read it in middle school and it was my favorite required reading. It’s the only book that I’ve read more than once.
    Who inspires you and why? I’m inspired by all kinds of people but particularly people who are creative and aren’t afraid to try something new. I love it when people experiment with food, fashion, and home decorating.
    What is your favorite art masterpiece? The Last Supper
    What is your favorite holiday? I adore Thanksgiving. The food is terrific and it hasn’t been commercialized as much as some other holidays. It is just a relaxing holiday.
    If you could travel anywhere where would you go? I would absolutely love to go to Italy. It is the one place I think I would like to visit and try their food and see the architecture as well as the natural beauty.
    What is your favorite sweet/dessert? Now, this is a hard one. Since, I absolutely adore baking, I have a lot of recipes that I love. Homemade cinnamon rolls are amazing and I have a recipe (posted) that has the perfect dough. It is light and fluffy and easy to work with. You fill it with cinnamon, brown, sugar and butter. Bake it and top with a cream cheese icing. I’m drooling just by writing that description.
    What has been your favorite age? My favorite age has been when my 3 children were born. I love being a mom and anything prior to that pales in comparison.
    Where were you born? Dallas, Texas
    Do you speak more than one language? I constantly work on my Spanish with the Duolingo app but I can understand the written language more than I can speak it.
    If you had a spirit animal what would it be? I have to be honest; I don’t know what a spirit animal is. Am I showing my age? Lol
    If there was one talent that you could master what would it be? It would have to be baking.

For accepting the Sunshine Blogger Award nomination, there are a few rules:

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and ask them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post and/or on your blog.

My questions for nominees:

  1. What started you blogging?
  2. How do you find inspiration for new blog posts?
  3. What is your favorite breakfast food?
  4. What is your favorite song from your teenage years (name and artist)?
  5. Name one thing that you wish you could change in your life and why?
  6. What do you like about where you live?
  7. How do you like to relax?
  8. What do you hope people gain from your blog?
  9. What is the best thing you have done this week?
  10. What is the best gift that have ever been given?
  11. Name something that you are looking forward to.

My Nominations:

I would like to nominate:

Las Vegas Photoblog

Eclectic Contrarian

Happy Haute Home

M.B. Henry

Miraculous Smile

Jennifer Guerrero

Dangerously Beautiful Moms

Jyo’s Passions

Tasty Eats

The Wacky Spoon


These blogs are lovely to view and read. Each one is unique and I love each one for different reasons. I bet it won’t take you long to see why I love them. Give them a peek as your schedule allows. You won’t be sorry!

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